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Boy With Brain Injury Doing Well 5 Years Later

On October 29, 2012, a family in Georgia discovered their lives turned upside down. It was a seemingly normal morning when a mother dropped her 2-year-old son off at daycare. It was the last time she would set eyes on him before he was involved in a terrible accident.

The child was outside of the daycare when a tree limb broke off and fell down. The limb hit the boy on the head, causing severe brain injuries. As a result of those injuries, the child spend months recovering at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. His mother says that was the day the world stopped.

The family has posted updates over the years, good and bad, on the family’s Facebook page. Sometimes the young child made progress, and other times he had setbacks. Today, however, he is in the first grade, doing well, and continuing with therapy. Though the child still deals with mobility issues and struggles to control his neck, he is making strides in both those areas, thanks to technology and the assistance of amazing therapists and medical professionals.

Whether the child will lead what we know as a typical life remains to be seen. For now, his family celebrates milestones and anniversaries, just happy that their little boy has made it this far and has made it so well.

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