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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > Traumatic Brain Injury > Spit Test May Indicate Concussion Recovery

Spit Test May Indicate Concussion Recovery

Researchers have discovered that a bit of spit could indicate whether or not a child’s concussion symptoms will persist for only days or weeks. The test measures genetic material in the saliva and was close to 90 percent accurate in determining whether or not a concussion would subside quickly.

At 90 percent, the new test beats what doctors have commonly used, which is only 70 percent accurate. Currently, doctors utilize a concussion survey. The new test is currently in its experimental states, but if it proves to be reliable, it could give pediatricians a new way to assess concussions in children.

According to one of the researchers, a pediatrician would only need to collect a bit of saliva on a swab, have it analyzed and be able to give family the news within approximately 24 hours. More than 1 million children and adolescents suffer with concussions each year. This test could give doctors a way to more accurately assess and treat those injuries.

It is thought that the saliva test could also help doctors to diagnose children who don’t have obvious symptoms of a concussion. A lot of children, experts say, suffer concussions that go undiagnosed or treated because symptoms are either absent or so mild they are ignored.

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