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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > Wrongful Death > Three Students Killed in Crash

Three Students Killed in Crash

One teen was critically injured and three others were killed in a car accident on October 27. The accident occurred Friday night near Meadowcreek High School.

According to reports, a Toyota 4Runner containing three passengers seemingly swerved to avoid a collision. That vehicle left the road and traveled down an embankment on Steve Reynolds Boulevard. The vehicle sustained severe damage. The driver and two passengers lost their lives. A third passenger was transported to a local hospital and listed in critical condition.

All involved in the accident were students at the high school. It is believed that the students may have just attended the high school’s football game. The school district released a statement that read, “The students involved in the accident, three seniors and one junior, have been very involved at the school. We know the loss of three of these young, promising lives will be difficult for students and staff, alike.”

The crash is still being investigated, and speed is considered to have been a contributing factor. Early indicators say that the vehicle was speeding and came upon a slower vehicle, swerving to miss hitting it.

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