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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > DUI > College Football Player Arrested Despite Passing Breathalyzer

College Football Player Arrested Despite Passing Breathalyzer

People often wonder what happens if a police officer suspects them of driving under the influence of alcohol but they pass a breathalyzer or blood test. Alphonse Taylor, offensive lineman for the University of Alabama, has found himself in just this situation and his story is making the news.

According to reports, Taylor was arrested on July 17 under suspicion of driving under the influence. The star football player allegedly did not perform the field sobriety tests to the satisfaction of officer present. He was described as showing signs of fatigue. The police had been called to the scene of the arrest by Taylor himself after he his another vehicle.

Taylor submitted to a BAC test and registered a blood alcohol level of 0.00. Police, however, do not need a failing result on a BAC test to complete an arrest for DUI. The law says that any substance that impairs a driver is illegal. If Taylor had something else in his system that caused him to, as police described, walk unsteadily, sway and be unable to stand without support, he could still be facing a DUI conviction.

Taylor’s lawyers say that they need more facts before they will release a formal statement. The football player will appear in court on August 16.

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