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How to Choose a Designated Driver

Most people know that choosing a designated driver before they head out on the town is a good way to avoid a DUI in Atlanta. It not only helps you get home safely, but it saves you from having to pay for alternate transportation. Few get excited at the prospect of being the designated driver, but it’s an important job that does have its benefits.

Consider that if you are designated to be the sober driver, you will wake up knowing that you played a major part in getting your friends home safely. You helped them avoid a costly DUI, and you kept other people on the road safe as well. You won’t wake up with a hangover, and chances are that you will have more money left over in your wallet than your friends.

Because it isn’t exactly fair for the same person to be the sober driver every time you go out, rotating the job among your group of friends is the best thing to do. Here are a few ways you can choose the designated driver for your next night out.


Draw straws. The person who draws the shortest straw gets picked to be the DD. Make sure the next time straws are drawn, that person sits out.

Flip a Coin

Work your way through the group. Choose which side wins and flip the coin. The person in the pair who guesses correctly sits out. The person who loses flips with the next person. The last person standing is the DD.

Birthday, Height, Alphabetical Order

Choose your DD by birthday. Start with the youngest and work your way to the oldest or vice versa. Choose by height. Choose by alphabetical order. There are all kinds of “orders” among people that can be used to select this weekend’s designated driver.

Rocks, Paper, Scissors

Who doesn’t like a good game of rocks, paper, scissors (or rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock)? Move through friends just like you would if you were flipping a coin. The last “loser” is the designated driver.

Pick Names

Write everyone’s name on a piece of paper and draw a name out of a hat or bowl. The person whose name is drawn is the designated driver, and their name isn’t put in the hat next time.

There are all kinds of ways that you can randomly select a designated driver for you and your friends. Choose a way and stick to it. Once people know what to expect, everyone can relax and have a great evening out.

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