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Georgia Train Accidents Are More Common Than You May Think


Trains may seem like a thing of the past but they are very much still up and running. Not only that, they are still a major source of death and injury in Georgia. It’s estimated that a car or person is struck by a train every 3 minutes in the United States, and there are approximately 300 accidents per year in Georgia alone. Many of these accidents involve MARTA. Train accidents also aren’t limited to the dramatic derailments or collisions that may immediately come to mind, although those do happen. Train accident injuries can also include injuries that occur at the train station or on the train. Several years ago a Georgia woman was awarded more than half a million dollars for injuries that she sustained at a MARTA station.

Common Causes of Train Accident Injuries in Georgia

One of the most common causes of railway injuries in Georgia is defective traffic signals. Motorists are required to stop 15 feet from railway crossings and never to cross the tracks when the signal is flashing and the gate is down. However, there have been many cases in Georgia where the signal and gate fail to work as expected, allowing motorists to cross only for them to be struck by a passing train. If the railway was negligent in maintaining the crossing signal, or if they were aware that it was not working properly and they failed to fix or address the issue, they may be held accountable for the resulting harm. However, if the signal malfunctioned due to an unpredictable defect, the railway may or may not be held accountable. In this case, it’s possible that another party may be liable, such as the manufacturer of the failed components.

When Can I Sue for a Train Accident Injury?

If you suffered an injury due to a train or railway’s negligence, you can bring a lawsuit to recover damages. Suing a railway is a bit different than a typical lawsuit, so it can be difficult to navigate. Railways are a common carrier so they are held to the highest standard of care under the law. This means that if you assert that they were negligent in causing your injury, the burden is on the railway to prove that they did everything possible to avoid this kind of injury. An attorney can perform a thorough investigation to determine whether the railway broke any federal or state laws and whether there is any evidence of negligence to sufficiently support your claim.

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