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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > In the News > Grants Offered for Troup County DUI/Drug Court Program

Grants Offered for Troup County DUI/Drug Court Program

Two grants were accepted by the Troup County Board of Commissioners on October 20, 2015. Both grants are for the DUI/Drug Court program.

Courts nationwide were awarded the funds by the Bureau of Justice Assistance Drug Court Discretionary Grant. The Troup DUI/Drug Court was the only one in the state to receive the monies. Covering the next two years, the $80,355 grant will be used to pay the salary of a full-time case manager.

Scott Smith, DUI/Drug Court coordinator, said, “The case manager will focus on connecting participants with resources they need to improve their education, employment, housing and other risk factors. By offering case management in addition to substance abuse treatment, we will further reduce the risk of recidivism for participants, and that’s the ultimate goal of our program.”

Offenders who have substance abuse disorders are offered intense supervision and treatment as alternatives to lengthy jail sentences. People who choose to take advantage of this offer must comply with the rules of the program. The program is a wonderful alternative for people who wish to seek assistance for their substance abuse issues. Rather than spending time in jail, these people learn how to live a life without drugs and alcohol.

Not only did the court receive these grants, but it received one from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety in the amount of $11,700. That money will be used to pay the salary of a part-time administrative aide as well as telecommunications and travel for the court.

The next graduation ceremony for the DUI/Drug Court program will be held on November 5, 2015. Georgia Supreme Court Justice Robert Benham will be the guest speaker. All past graduates of the program are invited to attend the ceremony. Any members of the public who wish to attend may contact Scott Smith at 706-298-3731.

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