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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > In the News > Child Struck While Crossing Street for School Bus

Child Struck While Crossing Street for School Bus

On February 16, a mother and her small daughter were struck by a car while they were crossing the street so the child could get on a school bus. The child later passed away from her injuries.

According to reports, the mother was holding the child in her arms as they crossed Rays Road at Central Drive. A vehicle struck the pair, and the 38-year-old driver of that car was taken into custody. Charges against the driver are pending, according to police.

Officials say that the driver was traveling northbound on Rays Road and had the green light. The school bus was stopped and had its sign out and flashing lights on. The mother and daughter were in a marked crosswalk when they were hit.

There were children on the bus when the accident occurred. They were heading to International Community Charter School in Decatur. There were two other children in the victim’s nearby car when the accident happened. It is unclear how fast the vehicle that struck the two people was traveling, and an investigation into the incident continues.

The condition of the mother is unknown at this time.

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