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Injuries Sustained In Reckless Driving Accidents


Car accidents are increasingly common in Georgia, and in the vast majority of these accidents, reckless driving is a factor. When drivers operate their vehicles with reckless disregard for the consequences, it is a crime in Georgia. While this may be of little comfort to you, it does have benefits legally. Because reckless driving is illegal, it makes it easier to bring a claim in the event that another driver’s reckless and illegal conduct causes you harm. If you have suffered serious injuries as a result of a reckless driving accident, we understand how overwhelming it can feel. It can make it even harder to accept the fallout from such an accident knowing that it was entirely avoidable. Our Gwinnett County personal injury lawyers are here to hold the reckless party accountable and support you in getting the legal and financial support that you need to get your life back on track.

Suing for Reckless Driving

In Georgia, you have standing to bring a personal injury lawsuit if you have suffered physical and financial harm as the result of someone else’s negligence. Generally, the legal burden to prove negligence is on you, since you are the one alleging it. However, when the other driver was engaged in reckless or illegal behavior when the crash occurred, the court could presume that they are negligent for causing the accident without you having to prove it. This can make it a more straightforward case than a standard personal injury claim, and increases your chances of recovery. In fact, all that you must show in a personal injury claim where the other party is guilty of reckless driving, is that you suffered an injury that was caused by their recklessness. This physical injury must be supported by bills, such as doctor’s bills, lost wages, or costs related to medical treatment.

How Much is My Reckless Driving Claim Worth?

The exact value of your claim depends on a variety of factors. The primary factors that determine the value of your claim are the extent of your financial damages and the seriousness of your physical injury. If your injury is permanent and significantly impairs your ability to do daily tasks or perform work duties, the damages will be far greater than they will for a temporary injury where a full recovery is anticipated. It’s important to keep track of any and all expenses related to your injury so that you can make sure to receive a fair settlement. All economic damages should be tracked, including medical costs, treatment-related expenses, transportation costs to and from appointments, and any lost wages or reduced income potential. A lawyer can help ensure that you have a complete and thorough understanding of the damages that you are entitled to.

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