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Judge Arrested for DUI

When you are convicted of DUI, effects on current employment can be severe. A Broward county judge recently found this out after her own DUI arrest. Judge Cynthia Imperato was convicted of the crime and served 20 days of house arrest. She is currently on probation, and the judge is facing her peers as the Supreme Court of California decides whether she will be permitted to keep her job.

The judge has not denied her guilt. She has been candid on the stand, and she has expressed sorrow for her actions and the impact it had on those involved in her arrest. Last week, two laypeople, two lawyers, and two judges heard arguments. The group will eventually recommend sanctions, if any, that should be taken against the judge. Ultimately, it will be the Florida Supreme Court that will determine whether Imperato will remain on the bench.

An arrest for driving under the influence is immediately stressful. It is frightening, and it is emotional. While people are often concerned with the immediate consequences of such an arrest, it is not until later that they begin to wonder how the arrest may affect the rest of their lives.

People who are ultimately convicted of DUI may be faced with consequences that were not considered. It is becoming common place landlords, employers, schools, and other entities to run criminal background checks before making any needed decisions. A DUI conviction can prevent a person from finding gainful employment, a place to live, or even prohibit them from entering a specific course of study.

If the person’s profession requires licensing, a DUI can cause concern within the licensing agency. This concern may trigger an investigation and, ultimately, the loss of a professional license. Anyone who must hold a license to perform their job is strongly advised to understand the consequences of a DUI conviction. If your employment centers around your ability to drive, hold a license, or maintain some type of certification, it is essential that you hire an attorney experienced in DUI law.

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