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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > In the News > New Georgia Law Could Mean Parole For Small Time Drug Offenders

New Georgia Law Could Mean Parole For Small Time Drug Offenders

Parole for Non-Violent Repeat Offenders?

A new law in Georgia has allowed some repeat offenders to secure parole sooner than expected. Unfortunately, that same law has allowed non-violent offenders to be ignored. Under the new law, some drug offenders are able to secure parole. People who are in jail serving time for lesser possession charges are not afforded the same opportunity. Those people who have slipped through the cracks are technically felons due to fourth felony convictions; however, they are actually low on the totem pole when it comes to dealing drugs.

It was originally thought that forcing long-term jail sentences upon drug offenders would make the drug problem in Georgia disappear. That clearly has not been the case. Governor Nathan Deal has said that he will take a look at the law and determine whether it needs to be revamped. It is possible that those serving extensive sentences for possession or dealing will be able to appeal for parole before they thought possible.

Current Results of the New System

Thanks to the new system of accountability courts in Georgia, 4,100 people have participated in programs as an alternative to prison. Those programs have helped some gain employment and others overcome their addictions. Accountability courts are looked upon as a success throughout the state. Prisons in the state are seeing a decline in inmates serving time for non-violent crimes. That, according to Deal, is as it should be. Prisons are intended to keep the most dangerous criminals locked safely away.

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