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Police Conduct Checkpoints for New Years

Law enforcement officers were out in full force on New Year’s Eve, all with the same goal: Prevent unsafe motorists from injuring or, worse, ending the lives of other drivers on the road.

The Cherokee Sheriff’s Office Traffic Enforcement Unit conducted safety checkpoints the night of the holiday. It was their goal to make sure that everyone got home safely. The deputies were looking first and foremost for impaired drivers and those not wearing their seatbelts as they passed through the checkpoints.

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety said that in 2014, there were just under 9,000 crashes in the state that involved alcohol. In those crashes, the total number of injuries numbered 5,250 and 165 people lost their lives. In order to help people get home safely, a number of law enforcement agencies in the state have begun to offer rides home or promote useful apps and services.

In Woodstock, police will pick up any person who feels they are too impaired to drive and make sure they get home. People calling for a ride must be at an establishment within city limits and not have the money for a cab. The must also live within city limits. Canton police are trying a similar program that will be in a sort of testing phase for the next six months. Agencies promoted the “Drive Sober, Georgia” app as a way for anyone with a smartphone to find a sober ride home.

It was a bad year in Georgia as far as traffic fatalities go, and law enforcement agencies are stepping up their game to try to make sure 2016 isn’t the same.

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