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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > Soft Tissue Injuries > Shots Fired in High School Classroom

Shots Fired in High School Classroom

Three students are now facing charges for what could have been a tragic incident inside an Atlanta classroom. According to school police at Banneker High, a student brought a gun to school. That gun was located inside of a box in the student’s backpack. The student did not pull out the weapon, instead it was fired accidentally.

One student was shot during the incident and that same bullet grazed another student’s ankle. The student who was shot said that all she heard was a pop and confusion followed. The girl said that at first, no one knew that it was a gun that had been fired. She looked down at her leg and saw the blood.

The child said that her first instinct once she knew she was injured was to call her mother. A teacher told the girl to get off her phone and a call was made by another student approximately 20 minutes later. The child said that a teacher told her that her mother could pick her up if she wished, but that her injury was nothing major.

The girl’s mother disagrees. “I just don’t consider being shot minor. I just don’t.”

Because it could possible cause more damage to remove the bullet, it remains, for now, lodged in the girl’s leg. The mother of the child said that she has not heard from the school regarding the incident and that no member of the school staff went to the hospital with her daughter.

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