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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > Wrongful Death > “Devoted Mom” Accused of Leaving Son in Car

“Devoted Mom” Accused of Leaving Son in Car

A woman described by many as a “devoted” mother stands accused of leaving her toddler in a hot car for more than three hours. The child died at a local hospital after being transported for heat-related illness.

According to reports, Fulton County police say that the child was strapped into a car seat on Halloween and left in a car while his mother went inside their home. A neighbor spotted the child in the car and called emergency services. When police responded, the mother told them she had been running errands and forgot her child was in the vehicle.

Police don’t believe her story, but they aren’t yet saying why. All that has been said is that there is evidence that disproves the mother’s account of the events. People who know the mother say they don’t care what the police say; they are rallying around the woman they say would never harm her children.

Although the temperature outside was only 61 degrees, experts agree that being locked in a car can be deadly. Even at such mild outdoor temperatures, the temperature inside a vehicle can rise by 40 degrees in an hour’s time. That would mean that the child was trapped inside the car, dealing with at least 100 degree heat for two hours or more.

The case remains under investigation.

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