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Were You Ejected In A Car Accident?


Being ejected from a vehicle is one of the most horrifying and destructive things that can happen to a person. The NHTSA estimates that 83% of all individuals ejected during a crash die as a result. Wearing a seat belt substantially reduces this risk–in some cases up to 65%, but does not completely eliminate it. Things can still go wrong even when you do everything right. If you were ejected from a vehicle and were seriously injured despite wearing a seat belt, you may have legal options available to you to recover the damages that you have suffered. Don’t hesitate to contact a Dunwoody personal injury lawyer for help recovering compensation.

Product Liability in Vehicle Ejections

If you were wearing a seatbelt and were still ejected from your vehicle during an accident, it’s a good indicator that some aspect of your seat belt, buckle, or vehicle, was defective. It may be that the seat belt did not latch properly with the buckle, or that the seat belt failed to stop unspooling upon impact, failing to provide any restraint. It’s also possible that the vehicle was not actually designed to offer adequate protection to passengers of your size or weight, in which case they may be held accountable if they failed to warn you of this fact. Defective door handles or latches can result in doors coming open during a crash and occupants being ejected from the vehicle. Older model vehicles may lack adequate protections or have certain defects, but new models may as well. Fatal mistakes are made all of the time in the automobile industry. If it was a child that was ejected from the vehicle, it’s important to determine whether they were appropriately restrained for the age, height, and weight. Additionally, car seats and booster seats must be accurately installed, and may also suffer defects that result in ejection.

Other Factors that Cause Vehicle Ejections

Other factors can also contribute to vehicle ejections, such as very high-speed impacts. If the other driver was speeding at the time of the accident a lawyer can help you establish that they were negligent per se, and streamline your path to success in court. SUVs and vehicles with a higher center of gravity are also more prone to roll-over accidents, which can result in vehicle ejections. If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries as a result of being ejected from a vehicle, it is not your job to figure out the cause. Simply contact an experienced personal injury lawyer and they will investigate and review your case to determine any and all liable parties.

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