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What Goes On a Criminal Record?

Apply for a job and you may be asked to sign for permission for the company to conduct a criminal background check. This can be nerve-wracking, even if you’ve never been arrested. Imagine if you know that you’ve had a run in or two with the law. Knowing what is included on a person’s criminal record can help ease your mind in this situation.

In most cases, your criminal record will contain information related to any arrests and charges. Additionally, your record will include specific information about any convictions you have had. When you know what your potential employer, or anyone else, will see on your criminal record, you are better able to understand how it may impact you.

What Will Be Seen?

Many people are concerned as soon as they know someone will be looking at their criminal background. This is mostly due to a fear of the unknown. When you are looking for a new job or housing, you want to get approved. Information on your criminal record could prevent that from happening. Your criminal record may include:

  • Arrests
  • Criminal charges
  • Convictions and sentencing information for misdemeanors and felonies
  • Probation and alternative sentencing information
  • Traffic infractions
  • Civil infractions

Your criminal background check could include the same information that the police already have on file or information that any enterprising person could find simply by checking local court records, but this is not always the case. Criminal records are typically more comprehensive than what can be found online for free.

Your criminal record can cause you difficulty in securing employment or housing. It may preclude you from owning a firearm, getting a loan or traveling to another country. A criminal background check will bring your entire past to light.

What About a Background Check?

A background check is a bit different than a criminal records check. When a potential employer tells you they are conducting a background check, they are looking for:

  • A criminal record
  • A civil case record
  • Social Security numbers
  • Education
  • References
  • Medical conditions
  • Credit scores
  • Driving records
  • Employment history

When an employer or landlord discovers something on your background check, you may or may not be given a chance to explain yourself. For some people, a red flag on a criminal background check is an automatic “no.” If you know what is on your criminal record, you can be prepared to explain yourself should the need arise. Telling someone the steps you have taken to turn your life around or the unique events led to your one and only arrest may help you get a “yes.”

If you have been arrested in Atlanta and need an attorney, reach out to Hawkins Spizman Fortas. We will review the details of your charges and arrest and advise you of the options you have under law. Call today for assistance.

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