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How to Have a Safe Party for the Big Game

The Falcons are playing in the biggest football game in the land, and people across Atlanta are planning to RISE UP with hometown pride. Whether you are hosting a party for the Big Game or attending one, there are a few things you can do to keep yourself safe. As gameday gets closer, make a plan to party safely by following these tips.

If Your Are an Attendee

Watching the game at someone else’s house takes the hassle out of planning, but it doesn’t put you at any less risk. In fact, you may be putting yourself at a higher risk because you have to get home. If you will be drinking alcohol, make sure to pace yourself. Better yet, follow a hard beverage with a soft one.

Designate someone to act as a sober driver before you get to the party. If no one wants to be the one who is driving everyone home, ask to borrow your host’s couch for the night, or make sure you can get a Lyft or Uber home. If you are the sober party, take the keys of anyone you will be driving home. If you notice that a friend is getting a bit too intoxicated, ask for their keys and offer to get them home safely.

If You Are a Host

If you are having guests in your home for the game, make sure that you have plenty of food on hand. Foods that are high in protein are best if you are serving alcohol. Consider putting an end to the alcohol at the end of halftime. Once the third quarter rolls around, switch over to soft drinks, coffee and water.

Know when guests are leaving your home. If anyone is intoxicated, help them arrange for a sober driver, call them a cab, or offer to let them spend the night. Have a list of local taxi companies ready for anyone who may need a ride, or if it’s more convenient, help them get to the nearest MARTA station.

It’s important to know that you can be held responsible, even if not criminally, if anyone leaves your party intoxicated, gets behind the wheel and causes an accident. Even in areas where dram laws are not in place, people can be sued if they allow a guest to leave their event intoxicated when that person causes harm to another. If you will be hosting a party this year, make sure you do it with the safety of your guests and everyone on the road in mind.

If you are attending a party this year, know how you will be getting home before you arrive at the party. Making sure that you aren’t tempted to drink and drive makes it easier to relax and have a good time. It also ensures that you won’t be recovering from your night out in a jail cell. If you happen to be arrested for driving under the influence in Atlanta after the Big Game, reach out to Hawkins Spizman Fortas. We will review the details of your arrest and advise you of your options.

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