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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > DUI > What to Do After Your License Was Suspended for DUI

What to Do After Your License Was Suspended for DUI

When you commit a violation like driving under the influence, you will find that the state takes away your driving privileges. If the Georgia Department of Driver Services suspends or revokes your license, you have to take certain steps to get it back.

The state is required to suspend your license if you are convicted of driving under the influence. It will also take your license if you refuse to take the chemical test requested by a law enforcement officer. This is considered a violation of implied consent laws. The exact length of your suspension will depend on specific circumstances pertaining to your case.

You can respond in different ways to a suspension of your license. For example, you may want to request driving privileges for school or work. You may complete your sentence and want your license back. There are certain steps you must take depending on the situation.

Limited Privileges

It is at the discretion of the Georgia Department of Driver Services to approve limited privileges once a license has been suspended. A limited driving permit will allow you to drive to and from work, school if you are currently enrolled, medical appointment, DUI or defensive driving classes, and alcohol and drug treatment programs.

You can call 678-413-8400 to see if you are eligible for a limited driving permit. Fees for the permit are $25 for the initial permit, $5 for renewal and $20 for a duplicate permit.

Reinstating a Driver’s License

If you have completed your sentence for driving under the influence and want your license reinstated, you will need to first pay $200 if the offense was your first. That fee does not include court fees, fines, driving course fees or any application fees. It is typically slightly more expensive to pay in person than it is to apply and pay through the mail. You cannot apply for reinstatement online if you were convicted of driving under the influence.

Being without a driver’s license can cause a hardship on the driver and their family. It makes sense that you would want to reinstate your license at your earliest opportunity. If you have any questions regarding reinstatement and what is required in your situation, you can call the DDS for more information.

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