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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > Drug Crimes > Can I Share My Adderall?

Can I Share My Adderall?

Adderall was initially released in 1996 and since, prescriptions for the drug have reached record numbers. For every one person that was prescribed the drug when it was released, there are three patients currently being prescribed the medication. Originally released as a means of treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy, demand for the drug is high, in part due to its high potential for abuse. As many college students know, when you need to stay awake and alert, Adderall and similar drugs can help — but can also be highly dangerous.

Who Is Most Likely to Abuse Adderall?

Abusers of Adderall, or those that take the drug consistently without a prescription, tend to be Caucasian males in college with grade point averages that are low. Many of those that use Adderall without a prescription are in fraternities or sororities. Those students with a history of drug or alcohol abuse may also be more likely to use the prescription medication illegally.

Yes, It Is Illegal

Taking any prescription medication without a prescription from a doctor or medical professional is, indeed, illegal. People take prescription medication frequently even if it is not their own, and few get caught. It is when people become addicted to the drug that they up their chances of being caught by law enforcement and charged with a crime.

It is also illegal to share your prescription medication with someone else. If you have a prescription for Adderall, it is assumed that you will be the person taking the medication. If you are caught giving your Adderall to someone else or selling it to someone else, you could be charged with a crime and prosecuted.

Dangers of Taking Adderall

Any prescription medication can be dangerous, even if it is administered by a medical professional. Using medications that you are not prescribed comes with risks that can affect even a healthy person. Mixing Adderall with another medication or supplement can up those risks.

Using Adderall is not without its side effects, those of which are made worse over time. People who have taken Adderall for extended periods may experience convulsions, fevers, tremors and have issues with malnutrition. Mixing Adderall with alcohol can lead to serious heart issues and, in extreme cases, prove fatal.

For these reasons and others, if a person is caught selling or giving away their Adderall, they could be arrested for a crime. As college finals and other stressful events come over the horizon, it’s in your best interest to keep your Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse and other ADD medications, as well as other prescription drugs to yourself. Giving or selling medication to anyone is simply not worth the trouble you could find yourself in.

If you are arrested for a drug crime in DeKalb County, including one that involves prescription medication, reach out to our team of experienced criminal defense attorneys. We will review the details of your case and advise you of your legal options. We have the knowledge necessary to represent you in a court of law. Don’t risk your reputation, your livelihood and your freedom. Call today to schedule your free consultation.

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