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Voice Actor Arrested for DUI

You may not know the actors who voice your favorite cartoon characters, but you definitely know the characters. To say that Squidward was arrested for DUI may not be factual, but the man that brings his voice to life certainly was.

Rodger Bumpass, the voice of the popular character from “SpongeBob SquarePants,” was arrested in Burbank, California on charges of driving under the influence.

According to reports, Bumpass was arrested just before 11 p.m. last Friday night. The officers saw Bumpass leaning against his vehicle that was stopped in the middle of the roadway. As officers approached, Bumpass attempted to walk away but was so unsteady on his feet that he almost fell down.

Those who know the story say that the 64-year-old actor confessed to having had been behind the wheel just moments before officers showed up. When asked to participate in a field sobriety test, the actor complied but failed. He was then put under arrest and charged with DUI. According to inside sources, the actor registered more than twice the legal limit when given a blood alcohol content test.

Bumpass spent the night in jail and was released the next morning with a court date.

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