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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > In the News > Man Asks for Leniency in DUI Charge

Man Asks for Leniency in DUI Charge

A man in Laramie County asked a judge to sentence him to probation for his felony driving under the influence of alcohol conviction. Paul Lucero had worked out acceptance into a residential treatment program and wanted to put his life in order. He told the judge that he was done playing games and ready to make life changes.

Unfortunately for Lucero, he had already made a plea agreement that included a sentence of between three and five years in prison.

By making the request and violating the terms of his agreement, Lucero made things worse for himself. The district attorney decided that he would no longer honor the plea deal and asked the judge, instead, to sentence Lucero to a term of five to seven years. The attorney described Lucero as a man with a substance abuse problem and a violent disposition.

The district attorney asked for what amounts to the maximum sentence in a felony DUI case.

The judge in the case asked Lucero why she should believe that he was read to make a life change now, given his serious criminal history. Lucero said that he had accomplished much while being sober and that jail was disgusting. Lucero was told that he is delusional if he thinks that he is not a threat to the community just before hearing the judge hand down the recommended five to seven year prison term.

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