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Atlanta Officer Nearly Struck by Vehicle

The Atlanta Police Department reports that one of their officers was nearly struck by a drunk driver just before dawn while on a Sunday morning patrol. The driver of the vehicle that almost hit the officer has been charged.

According to the report, the near miss was only one in a series of collisions that occurred on GA-400 in the southbound lanes. The first accident happened near the Lenox Road exit. It was there that officer McCall was assisting another officer with the crash. McCall utilized his vehicle to block oncoming traffic and had his lights activated.

As McCall was walking back to his patrol vehicle, a blue Audi sped through the far left lane and ended up crashing into the back of a black Ford. The driver of the Ford lost control of the vehicle and crossed two lanes of traffic. The Ford struck McCall’s patrol vehicle, but McCall himself was alert enough to see the vehicle coming and was able to run towards the shoulder of the road, avoiding being struck.

Abraham Martinez has been identified as the driver of the Audi. He was found to be intoxicated and, because he wasn’t injured in the accident, was taken to the Atlanta jail for booking. The driver of the Ford was knocked unconscious and was ultimately transported to Grady Memorial Hospital. Each vehicle sustained major damage.

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