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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > Medical Malpractice > Dad On Probation Can’t Donate Kidney

Dad On Probation Can’t Donate Kidney

It sounds like a case of medical malpractice but, in truth, it isn’t. Rules are rules, they say, and in this case, the rules could end up costing a toddler his life.

According to reports, a child was born in Atlanta without kidneys. After a search for a donor, the boy’s father was found to be a perfect match. Everything was set and the transplant was scheduled — until the boy’s father was arrested for a probation violation, that is.

Last month, the boy’s father was arrested for violating his probation when he was caught with a firearm. The man was incarcerated at the time the donation was set to take place. The hospital sent a letter to the Gwinnett County Jail, advising of an appointment for blood work and preoperative care. Even though the man was released, the hospital canceled the transplant.

Reports indicate that the hospital sent a second letter which stated that they would need evidence of compliance with parole on the part of the man. They also said they would re-evaluate his ability to donate a kidney to his son in January 2018. The hospital is not saying exactly why it had a change of heart, but did release a statement that said, in part, that organ donation guidelines have been established for the safety of both patients.

Reporters reached out to hospital officials for a statement regarding organ donation eligibility and the hospital did not respond.

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