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Do I Need Multiple Attorneys Representing Me?

When you are charged with a crime, you experience feelings of fear, stress and anxiety. You are likely worried about your future. It’s the unknown consequences that often cause the greatest emotional turmoil. Even being found guilty of a traffic violation can disrupt your life. People who are charged with crimes find the experience easier to handle when they hire a defense attorney. Some people believe that they need more than one attorney in order to mount a strong defense.

In general, most people charged with a crime need only a single attorney in order to best defend themselves. In some instances, a person may need a team of attorneys, some with different specialties, to mount a strong case. Here are the circumstances that may require that you hire a team of attorneys rather than just one.

1. Immigration Status

If you are not a legal US citizen, you will want an immigration attorney on your team. Because these attorneys specialize in immigration law, you will want one in addition to your criminal defense attorney. In some instances, even a traffic citation could result in deportation actions being taken against you.

An immigration attorney will be able to work with you and your criminal defense attorney as you move forward with your defense and help to protect your status in this country. Usually, criminal defense attorneys have a network of other specialized lawyers they call on when their clients need this kind of representation.

2. Felonies and White Collar Crimes

When you are charged with a serious felony or a crime that could result in capital punishment or a lengthy prison sentence, more than one attorney could be to your benefit. While many attorneys have associates within their own firm that they will choose to work with, but your attorney may also seek the advice of a specialist.

If you are the one insisting on a second or third attorney, give your lead lawyer a chance to determine who they want to bring into the case. If you choose a lawyer on your own, you may pick one that your lead attorney cannot work well with for any number of reasons.

3. Second Opinion

In some instances, you may feel that your attorney is not working fully to your benefit. In these cases, a second opinion is warranted. You are well within your rights to consult another attorney if you feel that you could be represented better or you have questions about how your current attorney is handling your case. Your attorney should not try to stop you from seeking this second opinion.

In most cases, an attorney working on their own should be sufficient in your defense. If you are experiencing any of the scenarios outlined above, a team of attorneys may be a good idea. In either instance, if you have questions, be sure to speak to your attorney or another that is experienced in criminal defense law.

If you have been charged with a crime in Atlanta and need assistance, reach out to the experienced criminal defense team at Hawkins Spizman Fortas. We will review the details of your charges and help you determine the best way to move forward, including what kind of representation you need. Call now to schedule your consultation.

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