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Georgia Roadblocks

Georgia roadblocks are part the state’s successful highway safety program say GA law enforcement officials. Deputy director for the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, Spencer Moore says, What we’ve found is that checkpoints are an effective tool to raise public awareness, to deter impaired drivers. With these checkpoints, we believe the numbers will continue to go in the right direction.

Officials are using roadblocks to lower the number of DUI’s, along with the number of DUI related accidents in Georgia. Is this really just. National Motorists Association, which was founded to represent the rights of motorists, contends that most roadblocks violate the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment governing unlawful search and seizure. The reality is you can be arrested for a GA DUI at a roadblock

With over 80,000 Georgia roadblocks in the past four years it is impossible to know when or where they will all be. And what overall effect it has on GA DUI arrests. Mariann Martin reported, Numbers of roadblocks held vary widely from county to county and from year to year. In general, the number of roadblocks does not seem to increase the number of DUI arrests. All arrest numbers reported are total DUIs, not just those made at roadblocks.

For example, the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office reported 111 roadblocks in 2007, a year in which it charged 194 people with DUI. In 2009, the agency held 29 roadblocks but charged 236 people with DUI.

The Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office reported 59 roadblocks in 2010, with 153 DUI arrests. In 2009, it held 86 roadblocks and made 126 DUI arrests.

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