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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > DUI > How Michael Phelps’ DUI Saved His Life

How Michael Phelps’ DUI Saved His Life

In an interview given at the beginning of the month, Michael Phelps explained how his legal issues may have saved his life. At the height of his athletic career, having won gold medals and broken world records, Phelps was involved in legal troubles that had him contemplating taking his own life.

After two DUIs ruined his reputation, Phelps’ mother was concerned that he would take his life, and so was he.

Personal controversy surrounded Phelps after his swimming career took off. In 2004, Phelps received his first DUI conviction. As part of his sentencing, he served 18 months’ probation and spoke to high school students regarding the dangers of drinking and driving.

In 2008, he broke records, winning eight gold medals at the Olympics. Just a year later, photos of Phelps taking a hit off a bong circulated and cost him a contract with Kellogg’s. The photos also saw him suspended from USA Swimming. Phelps has admitted that the photo was real, and that his actions in the photo were not appropriate.

In 2014, Phelps was again charged with DUI. As a result, he was not allowed to compete at the 2015 World Aquatics Championships. Following that arrest, Phelps made the decision to enter rehab. His agency released a statement at that time that read, in part, “Michael takes this matter seriously and intends to share his learning experiences with others in the future.”

Back on track today, Phelps won three titles at the 2015 Winter Nationals and is expecting his first child.

As Phelps realized, a DUI conviction can have a dramatic impact on a person’s reputation. If you have been arrested for DUI in Atlanta, please reach out to us here at Hawkins Spizman Fortas. We will defend your rights vigorously in a court of law. Call today for a free case evaluation.

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