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How the State Patrol Stepped Up for the UGA Game

The Georgia State Patrol ramped up its DUI enforcement efforts in Athens this past Saturday as fans by the thousands flocked to the city for the Georgia vs. Tennessee game. Prior to the game, the public was warned that if they chose to drink and drive, they would be arrested.

Troopers from the Nighthawks Task Force took to the streets Saturday afternoon in preparation for the game and stayed on the streets as revelers headed for home. The elite law enforcement task force has specialized training in DUI enforcement and put it to good use Saturday.

Prior to the game, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety released a statement that said, “The Georgia/Tennessee rivalry is one of the best in the SEC, and we hope Bulldog fans and our guests from Tennessee enjoy spending the weekend in the best college town in the nation. If your plan this weekend includes alcohol, then avoid spending a night wearing an orange jail jumpsuit by planning to have a sober driver take you home.”

The highway safety office offered several options for intoxicated individuals to get home, and encourages the use of those options no matter the occasion. Apps like Uber and Drive Sober, Georgia are a quick and easy way to get where you are going. Calling a taxi is always an option, as is designating a sober driver before a night on the town.

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