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NJ State Trooper Arrested for DUI | Hawkins Spizman

A New Jersey state policeman has found himself on the wrong side of the law after being accused of driving under the influence, drinking while driving and crashing into a civilian’s car.

According to reports, the on-duty officer, Sgt. Michael Roadside, had the smell of alcohol on or about his person, was out of sorts and was wearing his uniform inside-out. He can be hard on dashcam video telling a fellow officer, “I had prostate surgery. I’m on anesthesia right now.”

The victim in the accident, Kimberly Wilson, said that she knew something was going on with Roadside. Wilson reports that he appeared to be dirty and disheveled. His hair was a mess and he simply didn’t look right. She told officers that she was trying to leave the Monmouth Rest Stop when Roadside crashed into her. She went on to say that Roadside never called for help, but offered her cash.

Wilson says that Roadside offered to write her a check for $1,000, and she declined. She did ask him to call the accident in, and he did not make any moves to do so. Wilson says that Roadside opened his shirt and a bottle cap fell out. She grabbed it off the ground before the officer could.

Roadside tested a .16 when given the blood alcohol test. He also had two open bottles of Coors Light in his vehicle. The officer’s gun was taken from him and he is suspended without pay.

If you are arrested for DUI, you may find yourself in a similar situation to Sgt. Roadside. Your employment could be at stake. Hawkins Spizman Fortas has been defending DUI cases for years and we are here to put our knowledge to work for you. Call us today and let us review the details of your case.

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