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Sanitation Worker Arrested for DUI

A DeKalb County Sanitation Department worker was arrested for DUI, lost his job, and then got this job back, according to an investigative report that was recently released. According to one county commissioner, the events that transpired after the arrest crossed the line.

Not only was the employee arrested for DUI, but he was arrested for driving under the influence while on the job. This information has prompted Commissioner Nancy Jester to ask why. According to the report, the worker was arrested while on the job and was not required to pay the vehicle impound fee. Instead, county tax dollars were used to spring the vehicle from the tow lot.

No one is certain whether or not the employee reimbursed the county for those fees, and it is currently unclear if the employee is still working for the sanitation department. Jester wants to know what steps the county is taking to be sure that employee is not driving a city vehicle, citing liability reasons for allowing him to do such.

CBS46 is attempting to get answers to these tough questions posed by Jester. As of late last week, the county has not responded to queries.

This story is unusual, and we are waiting for more details to emerge. It is quite unusual for a person who has lost their job, especially for drinking while on the clock, to get their job back. If you have been arrested for DUI, your continued employment may be in jeopardy.

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