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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > Criminal Defense > Should I Argue for a Better Plea Bargain?

Should I Argue for a Better Plea Bargain?

When you are charged with a crime, you will likely be understandably frightened. This is especially true if it is your first run in with the criminal justice system. Most people, whether they have been arrested before or not, know what a plea bargain is. A plea bargain means that the defendant won’t have to face a judge or jury, and that the outcome is predetermined by the prosecutor. A plea bargain is desirable in many cases, as it provides an expedient end to the ordeal.

It’s always important to understand the details of a plea bargain before it’s accepted. While a plea bargain may be beneficial in most cases, it can have very serious consequences in others.

Accepting a Standardized Plea Deal

In court systems across the country, there are standardized plea deals. These are most often used in high volume offenses, like driving under the influence. The deals are normally developed by the district attorneys that serve the court, and it can be difficult to negotiate any additions or deletions to these deals. Modifying one of these deals will be difficult without an attorney.

In some cases, there are standard modifications that may be utilized with these deals. These modifications may include additional time to complete therapies or community service or even allowing some classes to be completed online.

Getting a Better Deal

You are certainly free to talk to a prosecutor and attempt to get yourself a better deal, but this is rarely advisable. A defense attorney understands the ins and outs of the law and knows how the local court system works. Your deal will be far more favorable if you allow your defense attorney to work out the deal for you.

When deciding whether to accept a plea bargain, you should speak openly with your attorney. Tell them of any concerns you have in being able to abide by the terms of the deal. Remember that if you do not follow the deal to the letter, an original sentence will be imposed. It’s incredibly important that you are aware of what will be required of you and stick to those requirements. If you have any thoughts that you may not be able to comply with the plea bargain, talk to your attorney.

Being arrested and charged with a crime means that you are facing consequences that could be life changing. Defending yourself is typically not in your best interest. Find a criminal defense attorney that is licensed to practice in your local court system and has experience defending others against your same charges.

If you are arrested in DeKalb County, our team of attorneys is here for you. We understand that your reputation and financial comfort may be on the line. We have years of experience dealing with prosecutors in the area and will put all of our knowledge to use on your behalf. Call our office today and schedule your appointment for a free case evaluation.

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