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Atlanta Crime Rates on the Rise

Living in Atlanta is an amazing experience. The city is full of culture and diversity, not to mention the beautiful weather. Atlanta is a desired living place for many people across the nation — in fact, it’s the top moving destination in the country. While the city can generally be considered safe as far as urban areas go, a new report says that violent crimes are on the rise within the city’s borders.

A report released on September 26, 2016 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation tells a tale of murder rates climbing and aggravated assaults becoming far more frequent. The report is quick to point out, however, that in general, crime is down four percent from recent years. While crime rates are on the rise in the city, it seems that the pattern may be seasonal, and police are planning on doing everything they can to combat the issue.

For example, starting June 1, the Atlanta Police Department put together the Gun Violence Reduction Task Force. That task force focused only on gun crimes in the city, investigating all shootings and aggravated assaults. By the time of completion of the focused patrols, the department realized a downward trend in non-fatal shootings in the zones that were targeted.

To further combat rising crime rates, local non-profit agencies have established programs to help keep youth busy and off the streets. One group, the Atlanta Police Athletic League, provides athletics, activities and programs to provide a safe environment for the young people of the city. Another group, the Atlanta Police Explorers Program, targets people aged 14 through 21 to become future police officers. Other organizations partner with people in the community to provide acceptable and safe activities for young people.

Law enforcement officials say that crime rates are often highest in areas of the city that have been hit hardest by poverty. When people remain unemployed and feel they have nowhere to turn, criminal activity may be the only way they feel that they can provide for their family. This is often not the end case, however, and these people find themselves in a worse situation than the one in which they began.

According to research, one of the most effective things that a city can do is to affect partnerships within the community. Job training, advocacy programs and youth activities can all help to combat a rise in crime. When people are given viable alternatives, they are less likely to turn to nefarious means of support and entertainment.

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