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Consul Dodges DUI in Atlanta | Hawkins Spizman

A consul from Mexico was recently cited for traffic violations in Georgia. Among those violations was a charge for driving under the influence. Because the man has diplomatic immunity, officers were forced to let him go.

According to reports, Ricardo Camara Sanchez was pulled over by police because of his erratic driving. The officer reported that the man’s vehicle was drifting and swerving, and that the man refused to pull over when the officer activated his lights and siren.

The Mexican consul did eventually stop and upon his approach to the vehicle, the officer could smell a “strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle.” Because Camara is a diplomat, the officers were not able to arrest him. Instead, they wrote him a citation and called him a cab.

A statement from Mexico’s U.S. Embassy said, in part: “we trust that the investigation will be carried out in strict accordance with the applicable local and international guidelines. We remain attentive to the development and results of said investigation.”

Camara is not the first consul to have a run in with the law over DUI offenses. Back in 2012, Mariano Saynez, the son of a Naval Admiral, was pulled over for speeding. He was found to have a blood alcohol content of .126 at the time of his stop. Officers were unable to place him under arrest.

You do not need to be a diplomat to avoid being convicted of a driving under the influence charge. The experienced attorneys at Hawkins Spizman Fortas are here to defend your rights in court and help protect you from the consequences of your charges. Call us now or browse or website to learn more about our firm and how we can assist you.

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