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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > DUI > How Vehicular Homicide Differs From Murder In Georgia

How Vehicular Homicide Differs From Murder In Georgia


A conviction for DUI vehicular homicide in Georgia comes with devastating consequences. Not only does the person convicted have to face severe criminal penalties, but worst of all, they have to live the rest of their lives knowing they took an innocent life. DUI homicide is a crime where a drunk driver unintentionally kills another person with their vehicle. But, even though a loss of life at the hands of one party on another happens, DUI vehicular homicide by definition is different than murder.

If you were arrested for DUI vehicular homicide in Georgia, you need the most talented and experienced, strategic legal counsel on your side fighting to help you get the best outcome for your case. And even though an unfortunate and grievous situation has taken place, individuals charged with such crimes still have rights. To have the benefit of a legal defense that is the strongest it can be, call on the DeKalb County DUI homicide lawyers at Hawkins Spizman today.

How is DUI Vehicular Homicide Different Than Murder in the State of Georgia?

Essentially, when it comes to the eyes of the law, intent plays critical roles in determining certain criminal offenses.

If you were driving your car and had a bit too much to drink which was why you hit another person killing them, it is likely that a case can be made that you did not intend to take a life. In this situation, more often than not, a person that makes some missteps in judgment by getting behind the wheel with alcohol in their system did not start off their day hoping that they could use their car as a weapon to kill. Instead, they were negligent with their behavior and as a result, unintentionally caused a deadly accident.

By contrast, if you knew someone and had pure disdain and malice towards them, and you see them on the road and ram your car into them killing them, there is more of a case to make for intent to kill. In this situation, you had a pre-existing hatred for another party and made the willful decision to use your car as a weapon for inflicting death upon them.

When an unintentional DUI vehicular homicide is the charge, not only does a driver face criminal penalties if convicted but the family of the individual that died may also file a civil suit for compensation. In some instances, the settlement that is awarded to an aggrieved family can be significant.

When a murder happens by way of a vehicle, it is because the act was committed knowingly and with the purpose of causing death. By contrast, when an unintentional DUI vehicular homicide happens, it is considered a result of a traffic violation.

Speak to a Georgia Vehicular Homicide Attorney Today

The punishments and repercussions that may exist if you are convicted of DUI vehicular homicide in Georgia can mean up to 15 years in jail and possibly very costly civil settlements to the family of the deceased. Your future and the outcome of your life can change in just one moment if you have a DUI vehicular homicide charge against you and you are not being protected by a experienced attorney.

Do not delay, call the DeKalb County DUI vehicular homicide attorneys at Hawkins Spizman today at 770-685-6400.

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