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Top Tips For Success When Your DUI Case Goes To Court


If you were arrested for DUI in Atlanta, you are probably open to doing anything you can to have a successful day in court. You would not be alone there. While there are no guarantees as to how anyone’s case will go, there are tips that may improve your chances of securing the best possible outcome. If this is your first time in court, the thought of appearing before a judge and facing severe criminal penalties may be intimidating and scary. You may not know what to expect or what is expected of you. The following tips certainly are designed to put you in a better light in terms of how the court perceives you and your case.

What Should You Do and Not Do When You Go to Court

You always want to put your best foot forward when you are seen before the judge presiding over your case. Consider the following tips from the experienced DeKalb County DUI lawyers at Hawkins Spizman for success in DUI court:

Look Presentable

When you work with an attorney, their job is to highlight your overall good nature and character to show that you are a generally law-abiding person that may have made a rare misjudgment. When your attorney is successful with this endeavor, you may be able to have your penalties reduced. But to help your attorney, and yourself, you should also look like a decent individual who exhibits an appearance that supports this. Court is not a casual day; rather, clean, conservative dress is appropriate. Think business professional attire. Keep your hair groomed and if you have any extra piercings, you should take them out. Body art, where possible, should be covered.


Respectful, calm communication with the judge can show that you take the court and the process seriously, and are humble. When you answer a question, you should always say yes or no followed by sir or ma’am, or simply “your honor”. And minimize any street talk and slang. Where possible, graciousness goes a long way and saying thank you is beneficial.

Overall Body Language

Do not smirk or make faces while being talked to, just stay collected and neutral. When you are seated, sit up. When you are speaking to the judge, stand up.  If you are unsure how to keep your body language appropriate, your attorney can advise you this, but you can always watch how your attorney is behaving and try to do the same.


Arrive early or at least make it on time for when court begins. Being late is unacceptable and can show how little you regard the court.  It can also result in the issuance of a warrant for your arrest for failure to appear when your case is called.  Showing up late may get the warrant recalled, but it wonb’t change the judge’s mind about his or her perception of you.

Meet with an Atlanta DUI Attorney Today

It can be helpful to be prepared for court by looking the part and acting it too. When you have been arrested for a DUI in Atlanta, you can call the seasoned team of DeKalb County DUI attorneys at Hawkins Spizman to schedule a free case evaluation at 770-685-6400.  Mike Hawkins has taught DUI defense to lawyers and judges across the country and is Board Certified in DUI Defense as recognized by the American Bar Association.

Hawkins Spizman Trial Attorneys represent individuals in Georgia including Atlanta, Dunwoody, Alpharetta, Cobb County, Fulton County, Gwinnett County, Johns Creek, and Sandy Springs.



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