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Hawkins Spizman Driving High? The Potalyzer Can Tell

More states today are legalizing the use of marijuana, either for medical or recreational purposes. As the legal use of the drug grows, lawmakers and enforcement officials worry about what will happen when more people drive under the influence of marijuana. Up until now, there was no reliable test to determine whether someone had levels of THC in their system.

The Potalyzer is setting out to change that. Researchers from Stanford University created the device. It is mobile, making it easy for police to use. Small magnetic biosensors can detect THC molecules in the saliva of a person suspected of driving under the influence of the drug. Officers collect a saliva sample with a cotton swab and read results of the test on their laptops or smartphones in approximately three minutes.

Unlike other testing methods, the Potalyzer can detect levels of THC in the system. Prior to this device, testers would only be able to tell that someone had smoked marijuana at some point in the last several months.

Researchers are still working on a “user-friendly form factor for the device.” Once designed, more testing would be needed and approved before the small machine could be utilized by police officers. Once it is, lawmakers may turn their attention to determining just how much THC in the system constitutes impaired driving.

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence in DeKalb County or the surrounding area, you need a competent, experienced attorney like Hawkins Spizman Fortas on your side. A DUI conviction can have long-term consequences that many are not aware of. We will fight to help reduce or eliminate those consequences. Call today and speak to a member of our team at no cost.

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