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Rapper Jeremih Agrees to Plea Deal

Popular singer Jeremih celebrated his birthday in July. Not only did the man turn 28, but he ended his celebration with a driving under the influence charge.

According to police reports, the “Don’t Tell Em” singer was arrested by the California Highway Patrol after being pulled over at 2 in the morning after his birthday bash. Jeremih posted a $15,000 bail and was released before noon.

Last week, the singer agreed to a plea deal. As part of the deal, the man will have to take part in and complete an alcohol and drug education course. He will also serve two years of probation. The plea deal is not unusual in a case such as this, where no one was injured and no property was damaged. Whether or not Jeremih will have to spend time in jail will depend on whether or not he complies with the requirements of his probation.

We have all seen celebrities arrested for various crimes, and we have witnessed many bounce back with little damage to their careers. Unfortunately, those out of the public eye are not often as lucky.

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