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Teen Killed In Solo-Vehicle Crash


Car accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. However, teens are most likely to be involved in them due to a lack of driving experience. Sadly, many teens are killed in car accidents.

This was recently the case in Georgia. A teen was killed in a crash near Denmark High School in Alpharetta. The fatal accident occurred on the morning of November 1.

A Toyota 4-Runner was traveling on Mullinax Road when the driver, a 17-year-old, lost control while going around a curve. The driver overcorrected, causing the vehicle to roll over and crash into a light pole.

The passenger, a 16-year-old, was killed in the crash. The driver suffered minor injuries.

The teens involved did not attend the local high school. They were students at Alliance Academy for Innovation, which is located in Cumming and 10 miles away.

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the accident. A neighbor who lives near the accident believes that fog may have been a factor in the crash.

Loss of Control While Driving 

Loss of control while driving may be tied to a lack of experience, but the truth is that anyone can lose control while behind the wheel. It’s not that hard. Road conditions such as debris and potholes could cause a driver to lose control. So could weather conditions, such as rain, ice, and snow, all which could make the road slick.

Speeding is also a common factor, especially when going around curves. The driver in this case may have been speeding at the time, making it difficult to negotiate the curve. Mechanical failures, such as bald tires and malfunctioning brakes, can also be issues while driving and a blowout or inability to stop quickly can definitely cause a driver to lose control.

Alcohol use is another consideration. Drivers who are intoxicated lack judgment and coordination. Plus, their reaction time slows down, making it harder to stop in time to avoid a crash.

Oversteering and understeering both tend to increase the risk of losing control while driving. This is particularly true when speeding or going around curves. That’s why it’s important to slow down and avoid turning the steering wheel too abruptly. You also want to avoid slamming on the brakes if you begin to skid.

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Teens have limited driving experience and they often make mistakes while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, these mistakes can sometimes be catastrophic or even fatal.

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