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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > DUI > Two Stars Arrested in Georgia for Alcohol-Related Offenses

Two Stars Arrested in Georgia for Alcohol-Related Offenses

Shia LaBeouf has been arrested in Georgia, but he’s not the only star facing trouble in the state. Singer Aaron Carter was also recently arrested in the state with his girlfriend. Both stars will answer for their charges in the coming months.

LaBeouf was arrested in Savannah on July 8. He was booked for obstruction, public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. The actor posted a $7,000 bond and was released. According to a police report, LeBeouf was out in public and asked someone for a cigarette. When the cigarette wasn’t given, he became vulgar in the presence of women and children. LaBeouf was told to leave the area, but did not.

An officer on scene attempted to place the actor under arrest and ended up in a foot chase. LaBeouf was arrested in a nearby hotel’s lobby. This is the latest in a string of arrests for the actor who has admitted publicly to having a problem with alcohol. His rep released a statement saying that the actor has taken steps toward recovery.

Aaron Carter’s Arrest

Carter, the younger brother of a singer with the Backstreet Boys and a celebrity in his own right, was arrested in Habersham County and charged with driving under the influence. He was also charged with possession of drug-related objects and of less than one ounce of marijuana. The singer claimed, after his arrest, that he was targeted by police because he is famous.

The singer told reporters, through a statement released by his representatives, that he has a license for medical marijuana. Carter allegedly uses the drug to treat anxiety issues. Carter was arrested in 2008 for having less than two ounces of marijuana in his vehicle. That arrest occurred in Texas.

Carter said that he was arrested while changing his tire at an auto parts store. Police had a slightly different story. According to police, a motorist called 911, stating that a person was “driving all over the road.” Police did locate the vehicle turning into the parking lot of an auto parts store, and while speaking with Carter, a deputy noted that the singer had bloodshot eyes and was unable to maintain his balance.

Carter’s girlfriend, who reportedly became belligerent on the scene, was charged with obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers and drug charges. The court dates for all of the mentioned arrests have not been released.

Whether you are a celebrity or an everyday citizen, being arrested for driving under the influence in DeKalb County can have a lasting impact on your life. When you are charged with DUI, your reputation may be harmed, you may find it difficult to maintain a professional license, and you could experience financial difficulties. It is important to mount a strong defense before a judge or jury. Call our office today to schedule your appointment for a free case evaluation. Our experienced attorneys are ready to speak with you and advise you of your legal options.

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