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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > Pedestrian Accidents > Unusual Weather Predicted for Atlanta and Surrounding Area

Unusual Weather Predicted for Atlanta and Surrounding Area

Next week could be one for unusual weather in Atlanta and the surrounding area. Forecasters are calling for multiple winter weather events from now until January 5. Any one of these events could cause roads to be dangerous as snow and ice fall from the sky.

People in Atlanta are not typically used to driving in such poor conditions. In fact, when conditions deteriorate as they are expected to do, many businesses close down in hopes of keeping their employees and customers off the roads. If you find yourself having to drive in these conditions, officials would like you to keep some things in mind.

If you hit an ice patch on the road, don’t slam on your brakes and don’t hit the gas. Instead, coast over the patch of ice with both hands on the steering wheel. If your car begins to slide, gently steer into the slide to regain control of your wheels. Once you regain control, steer normally instead of jerking your wheel this way and that.

If you go off the road because of ice or snow, stay in your vehicle. If you have hit a patch of slippery stuff on the road, other vehicles may do the same. You are safer in your vehicle than standing outside of it. Call for emergency assistance if you can and wait for it to arrive.

Perhaps most importantly, if you’re out driving during wintry conditions, drive slowly and keep an eye out for pedestrians. Many people may avoid driving, and could be hard to see during a snowstorm.

Anyone involved in a pedestrian accident in Atlanta that can be attributed to the actions of a driver may have legal rights to compensation for injuries. Reach out to our personal injury team to learn more about those rights and determine if you have the elements necessary for a personal injury lawsuit.

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