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Pedestrian on Highway Struck by Vehicle

A female student from the University of Georgia was struck by a vehicle last Friday. The young woman was a senior at the University, studying both Spanish and microbiology. A local television news station reported that the woman had just finished the semester and was preparing to visit home.

According to authorities, reports came in at approximately 3:50 a.m. Friday morning. Callers to 911 described a vehicle to be driving the wrong way on the area of Ga. 10 Loop and Ga. 316. While traveling to the scene of the wrong-way driver, officers received a report of a single-vehicle crash just east of the Ga. 10 Inner Loop.

A state trooper responded to the scene as two more people called 911 to report the accident. Those witnesses told dispatchers that a person was walking away from the scene of the crash, heading toward U.S. 441. When the trooper arrived at the scene, he saw two trucks, one in the median and one in the right shoulder. He also saw the apparent pedestrian.

After an investigation, it was discovered that the pedestrian had been the driver in the single-vehicle crash. She left the scene of the accident and walked onto the highway. The woman was struck by a Ford F-250 in the right lane of the Outer Loop. The driver of the truck told officers that the woman was only visible to him when it was too late to avoid striking her.

The investigation is ongoing as officers try to determine why the woman had walked onto the highway.

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