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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > Traffic Tickets > What You Need to Know About License Points in Georgia

What You Need to Know About License Points in Georgia


Points on a driver’s license aren’t something unique to Georgia. Most, if not every, state in the country has adopted a system of points. As they add up, points on a license can result in a suspension or revocation.

If you live in Georgia, knowing how your points can add up and exactly what that means for you is important. The state issues between 1 and 6 points depending on the violation. Here’s how it all breaks down.


  • The average revenue generated from traffic citations in Georgia is just over $100 per capita.
  • The average revenue generated from traffic citations in Atlanta is just over $116 per capita.
  • People are more likely to be caught in a speed trap in smaller towns than in larger cities.

The Basics of Points

In most sports or video games, the more points you can rack up, the more likely you are to win. It’s exactly the opposite when it comes to driving. If you continue to add points to your license, you will eventually find yourself without the ability to drive legally.

You don’t get points simply because you are handed a citation. You get points when you choose to pay the citation without fighting it with your Atlanta traffic ticket defense lawyer. You also earn points when you are convicted in court despite fighting for your rights.

The exact number of points you will be handed upon your conviction depends on the severity of the traffic violation. Once your points total 15 in a two-year period (or 24 months), you will find that a judge quickly suspends your license. Not only will you not be permitted to drive, but your insurance premiums may also climb depending on the company you are with.

Here are some common violations, and the number of points they can add to your license:

2-Point Violations

If you are convicted of speeding between 15 and 18 miles per hour over the posted speed limit, you’ll be issued two points. You will also be issued two points if you are found guilty of having an open alcohol container in your vehicle.

3-Point Violations

If you are convicted of speeding between 19 and 23 miles per hour over the posted speed limit, you will be issued three points. If you are convicted of not obeying a police officer, you’ll be given three points.

4-Point Violations

Reckless driving and speeding between 24 and 33 miles per hour over the speed limit will each cause you to be issued four points if you are convicted.

6-Point Violations

Speeding at a rate of 34 miles per hour higher will earn you six points on your driver’s license. You will be given this number of points if you are convicted of aggressive driving.

This is not the full schedule of points, which can be found on the Georgia Department Of Driver Services website. Points range from 1 for texting while driving to 6 for unlawfully passing a school bus. Be sure to read over the list carefully in order to understand the points you may be issued for moving and non-moving violations.

Reducing Your Points

Let’s say that you aren’t a habitually bad driver. You are pulled over for speeding and end up being charged with speeding, texting while driving and failure to obey a traffic-control device. If you are convicted of all the charges, you are looking at being given at least six points.

You’re worried that a second traffic stop over the course of the next two years may tip you over the edge and end up costing you your driver’s license.

You can get your points reduced. Every person in Georgia has the right to petition the Department of Driver Services once every five years for an up to 7 point reduction. In order to have your points reduced, you will have to take and pass a certified Driver Improvement course.

You’ll be given a certificate upon completion that you will take to a DDS Customer Service Center. You can also mail the certificate to the DDS if you choose to do so.

License Suspension Information

Either the Department of Driver Services or a court can suspend your license. The DDS is who will handle the suspension for 15 or more points in a 24-month period. You will be ordered to complete a defensive driver course should this happen to you. If you choose not to complete the course, your license will remain suspended.

You may be qualified to receive limited driving privileges if your license is suspended. The DDS will make the determination at their discretion. You may be give permission to drive to and from work, to school, to medical appointments, to substance abuse treatment programs, and to classes related to your driving.

If you receive limited driving privileges and are found guilty of violating any local or state laws, your license will be suspended for an additional 6 months.

Once you have completed your defensive driving course and are ready to have your license reinstated, you will need to pay a $200 fee if paid by mail or a $210 fee if paid in person. If you were suspended for a second points violation, the fees increase by $100.

If you were suspended for a third violation, the fees are $400 and $410 (increased by yet another $100).

Our Atlanta Traffic Ticket Lawyers are Here for You

You may think that you don’t need an attorney to help you fight a traffic ticket. We would like to suggest otherwise. As Atlanta traffic ticket lawyers, we know that the cost of a conviction can be far greater than the cost of legal representation.

Accumulating points could mean a license suspension which could ultimately impact your livelihood. Call our office today to schedule a free case evaluation. We promise the aggressive representation you deserve.

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