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Will DUIs Soon be Extinct?

Will DUIs soon become extinct? It is a question that many are asking as ride-sharing companies like Uber become more popular and self-driving cars are primed for release. There has been much debate regarding the effect that ride-share services have on DUI arrests and accidents. Anecdotally, available transportation options result in the lessening of DUIs. But what do the studies show?

Not surprisingly, studies are showing that what we thought to be true is true: Ride-sharing services are having a dramatic impact on the rate of DUIs across the country. Uber has been tracking data since 2010 and states that:

“…Uber’s network of safe, readily available rides have a meaningful and measurable impact on drunk driving in cities in which Uber operates freely. …the data confirms the intuitive claim, backed up by countless anecdotes, that potential drunk drivers will choose other options, like rides with Uber, when they are convenient, affordable, and readily available.”

It may be self-driving cars that bring an end to DUIs altogether, assuming they are readily accessible and affordable to the masses. Uber has pledged to purchase 500,000 self-driving cars and put them on the streets. They claim that the current rate per ride of just over $7.00 will drop to $2.00. This decrease in cost will encourage even more people to utilize the ride-sharing service after a night on the town.

It is expected that DUIs will drop, and continue to do so, as ride-sharing services take over the market, especially in commuter cities. Whether or not this comes to fruition remains to be seen, but it is something positive to think about.

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