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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > In the News > Brain Tumor is Cause for DUI Arrest

Brain Tumor is Cause for DUI Arrest

It is rarely surprising to read stories of people arrested for DUI. Arrests like these are made daily. It does not give anyone pause to read the stories and see the accused denying having had even a single drop of alcohol. What does come as a surprise is when one of those denials is proven to be true.

Julie Cunningham was arrested for driving under the influence on July 31. Cunnigham dropped her children off at daycare, hit a curb, and struck a fire hydrant. Police responded to the scene and ultimately placed the woman under arrest for suspicion of DUI. Cunnigham was given a breathalyzer test. The results were 0.0.

Cunningham was picked up by her brother after spending the night in jail. In the morning, her speech was slurred, she had very little memory of what had happened, and her mobility was impaired. The next day, concerned family members took Cunningham to the hospital. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was in surgery three days later.

An ex-Naval Intelligence officer, Cunningham is expected to make a full recovery. DUI charges have not officially been filed, pending complete results of a toxicology screen.

Not everyone who is arrested for DUI is under the influence. Hire a competent DUI attorney to fight for your rights after you have been arrested. Trust Hawkins Spizman Fortas to review every detail of your case. We will fight for you in court and help protect your rights. Visit our website for more information or contact our offices today.

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