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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > Personal Injury > Can I Sue A Store If I Slip And Fall In Their Parking Lot In Georgia?

Can I Sue A Store If I Slip And Fall In Their Parking Lot In Georgia?


Slip-and-fall accidents should never be taken lightly. In fact, they are one of the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries in the United States, and are the leading cause of potentially fatal hip fractures among elderly adults. Most people know that if a store fails to clean up or warn of a spill within a reasonable amount of time, and they are injured as a result, that they can hold the store legally accountable, but what happens when a slip-and-fall accident occurs outside of the store, such as in their parking lot? Our Johns Creek personal injury lawyers can help you recover the compensation that you deserve.

Slip-and-Fall Accidents in Parking Lots

Slip-and-fall accidents are far too common in the parking lots of stores, restaurants, and other businesses. It is estimated that more of these kinds of injuries occur in parking lots and on the sidewalks outside of stores than they do within the store. However, provided the parking lot or sidewalk is the property of the store or business, the analysis for establishing liability does not change. In Georgia, these slip-and-fall accidents fall under premises liability law. This area of law requires that stores and businesses maintain safe premises for their customers, and warn of or try to remedy any hazards that they become aware of or reasonably should have known about.

Who Do I Sue if I’m Injured in a Parking Lot?

While all slip-and-fall accidents may be devastating, not all of them will give rise to a legal cause of action. In order to sue for a slip-and-fall accident under Georgia’s premises liability laws, the first question is who owns the premises on which the accident occurred. If the parking lot belongs to the store you were visiting, then the store may be liable (provided more factors discussed below are met). If the parking lot is owned by a third-party, it’s possible that they may be held liable and not the store. A lawyer can look at property records and help you determine who owns the property on which you were injured and whether they can be held accountable for your injury.

When Can I Sue for a Parking Lot Slip-and-Fall Accident?

You can sue for a slip-and-fall accident in a parking lot if you were injured to the point that you required medical attention and incurred financial damages (such as medical bills and lost wages) as a result. Additionally, you must be able to show that the store or owner of the parking lot was negligent in keeping the parking lot reasonably safe and that this kind of accident was or should have been foreseeable.

Schedule a Consultation with Hawkins Spizman Trial Lawyers

If you have suffered a serious injury due to a slip-and-fall accident in a parking lot that was not your fault, and could have been avoided but for the owner’s negligence, Hawkins Spizman Trial Lawyers want to hear from you. Serving Atlanta, Dunwoody, Alpharetta, Cobb County, Fulton County, Gwinnett County, Johns Creek, Sandy Springs, or anywhere in Georgia, Hawkins Spizman Trial Lawyers will fight to get you the compensation that you are entitled to. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.



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