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Councilman Arrested for DUI

Monday night’s council meeting was nothing of note for the city of Shively. What was cause for a stir was the arrest of Councilman Ronnie Wathen for driving under the influence shortly after the meeting.

Whether a mayor, a councilman or a police officer, we hold public servants to a higher standard. Right or wrong, we tend to put these people on pedestals, thinking that they are somehow more responsible than the rest of us. Wathen’s arrest serves as a reminder that no one is above the law, and anyone can make a poor decision.

According to reports, Wathen spoke at the council meeting regarding the city’s plan to send money to property owners. Police officers present at city hall witnessed Wathen removing pushpins from a bulletin board and placing them under the tires of a vehicle.

Offers drove to Wathen’s residence to inquire about his actions and ended up arresting him for DUI. He was also charged with attempted criminal mischief. Not only is he a council member, but he is also an ex-fire chief.

If you are arrested for DUI, you are almost guaranteed to find yourself in the local news. This can be embarrassing and cause your family members stress. At Hawkins Spizman Fortas, we will fight vigorously to ensure that your rights are protected after a DUI arrest. You need an experienced DUI attorney fighting on your side to ensure that you suffer as few repercussions as possible as a result of your arrest. Call our office today and let us provide you with a free case evaluation.

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