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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > Lemon Law > Do Georgia Lemon Laws Require Car Manufacturers To Replace Defective Vehicles?

Do Georgia Lemon Laws Require Car Manufacturers To Replace Defective Vehicles?


If you recently purchased a new car in the state of Georgia and you bring it home only to find out that it has serious defects, then under the state’s Lemon Law, you need to know that you have rights. Georgia’s “Lemon Law” provides that manufacturers who sell defective cars, trucks, and SUVs, are required to fix issues with these faulty vehicles. When the manufacturer cannot make the repairs in a certain number of attempts, your car would be classified as a “lemon”. As a result, the manufacturer would either have to buy your car back or would have to replace your car with a similar non-defective model.

Scott Fortas, a partner at Hawkins Spizman Trial Lawyers, has more experience in handling Lemon Law cases that any other lawyer in Georgia.  He has a proven track record of winning these cases at trial, and that has led to his unique ability to settle these cases before the case ever gets to court.

If your car is malfunctioning, it could potentially be a lemon that deserves the protections that exist under the Georgia Lemon Law. For more information on how you can benefit from such consumer safeguards, you can connect with the Atlanta lemon law attorneys at Hawkins Spizman today.  Ask for Scott Fortas.

How Can You Get Your Malfunctioning Vehicle Replaced?

It is imperative that the car that is having issues be one that was purchased new. Used cars do not fall under the protection of the Lemon Law in Georgia. Also, not all defects will apply, but those that do include:

  • Serious defects where the car has an issue that makes it deadly.
  • Serious defects prevent the driver from being able to control the vehicle during ordinary use.
  • Serious defects where there is an inherent risk of fires or explosions.
  • A defect that makes the vehicle unusable or poses a safety concern for the consumer.
  • A defect that prohibits the vehicle from being compliant with the warranty.

A car that is defective as a result of any of the following is not covered by the Lemon Law:

  • The actions of the owner by not maintaining it and neglecting it.
  • With the addition of unauthorized modifications.
  • Where the vehicle was mishandled

Also, a consumer only has either two years from the date that they purchased their vehicle or 24,000 miles before the protections of the law expire.

Technically, it is the manufacturers’ duty to purchase back or replace defective vehicles under the laws in the state of Georgia. But keep in mind what is covered and what is not along with the time period or mileage amount that is included in the legislation. These terms can make holding negligent car manufacturers responsible for selling subpar vehicles a difficult task at best.

It is prudent to understand Georgia’s Lemon Law should you find yourself in a situation where a new car you bought is faulty and not working the way that it should. Or, if your new car is a serious safety risk to you and your loved ones knowing your rights is advantageous. For more information on your rights and abilities to get the coverage you deserve under the Lemon Law provisions, you can connect with a lawyer at Hawkins Spizman.

Call An Atlanta Lemon Law Attorney Today

When your car threatens your health and safety or if it is not working in a reasonable way that it was intended to, you may be covered under the Georgia Lemon Law and be entitled to a replacement vehicle. To have your case reviewed during a free consultation with a Georgia Lemon Law lawyer at Hawkins Spizman, please call 770-685-6400 today.

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