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The Levels of Intoxication

The Levels of IntoxicationYou can drink multiple alcoholic beverages and function as though you had nothing to drink at all. Your spouse can drink one alcoholic beverage and stumble as they walk. Alcohol affects different people in different ways. In general, however, a person will behave in a typical manner depending on the level of alcohol in their system. Here is a brief breakdown by blood alcohol content (BAC).

0.02 – 0.03: There is a slight loss of inhibitions and a feeling of joy. There is typically no loss of coordinated activity, but may be a heightened sense of relaxation.

0.04 – 0.06: The body will begin to warm. The person may have a minor impairment of coordination, memory and reasoning. There is a lowering of inhibitions and emotions are heightened.

0.07 – 0.09: At this level of intoxication, a person will begin to exhibit signs of impaired balance and reaction time. Judgment is reduced and memory impaired. At 0.08 it becomes illegal to drive. A person that falls into this level of intoxication typically believes that they are functioning at a higher level than they really are.

0.10 – 0.125: There is a marked impairment of coordination and judgment. A person may begin to slur their speech and lose their balance. Reaction time is significantly dulled.

0.13 – 0.15: A lack of physical control is seen. Vision may become blurred and there is a loss of coordination. The euphoria one feels begins to disappear and anxiety begins to take its place. Judgment is impaired.

0.16 – 0.19: The person drinking now begins to appear as what people call “sloppy drunk.” The person may begin to feel sick to their stomach.

0.20: The person may need assistance standing or walking. If they become injured, they probably will not know. Blackouts begin to occur at this level, depending on the person consuming the alcohol.

0.25: All bodily functions are severely impaired. The person is now at risk for serious accidents due to a lack of physical control.

0.30: At this level, it is not unusual for a person to pass out. They may be difficult to awaken, and they will need to be monitored. This is when others surrounding the person begin to consider medical attention for the intoxicated party.

0.35: A coma could be imminent. At this level of intoxication, the person is in a state similar to that of surgical anesthesia.

0.40: Death due to respiratory arrest is not uncommon.

Having any level of alcohol in your system can get you arrested for driving under the influence. Though the legal limit is 0.08, if it is proven your driving was dangerous due to any amount of alcohol in your system, you can still be charged. If you are arrested for DUI in Atlanta, reach out to our team of experienced DUI attorneys. We are ready to mount a strong defense on your behalf. Call our office today to schedule your free case evaluation.

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