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Tiger Threatens Residents of Atlanta

It was a sight no Atlanta resident ever expected to see: A tiger walking down neighborhood streets. Several residents of a metro neighborhood called 911 after spotting the jungle cat walking past their residences.

According to reports of the incident, the tiger named Suzy had escaped the truck she was being transported in. Feld Entertainment was contracted to move the tiger from Tampa to Memphis, and the truck driver made an overnight stop in Georgia. Suzy’s caretakers last saw her on Tuesday night when they checked the truck.

The drivers did not realize that the tiger was not in her enclosure until they arrived in Tennessee. One of the people that called 911 did so because she heard her dog barking hysterically. She looked out her window, saw the tiger and called police. As soon as she hung up, the woman saw the tiger jump her fence and leap on top of her dog, a small dachshund.

Just as her dog was able to escape the tiger, police closed in and fired several rounds. It was deemed that it was necessary to put the tiger down once it had attacked a pet. That, in the eyes of law enforcement, made the tiger a public danger and its capture no longer an option.

The investigation continues and Feld Entertainment is cooperating. Suzy was cremated after her death.

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