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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > In the News > Florida Man Arrested for DUI and Claims Dog was in Control of the Vehicle

Florida Man Arrested for DUI and Claims Dog was in Control of the Vehicle

Dogs do not drive cars. Or do they? Ask one Florida man and he will tell you they do as long as you are the police and he is trying to get out of a ticket.

According to reports, Reliford Cooper III, was driving a vehicle that police attempted to stop for speeding. Cooper did not immediately comply and, instead, took off down the road, running a stop sign and crashing into a house. All did not end when Cooper crashed into someone’s house.

After the impact, Cooper jumped from his vehicle and began to run on foot. He attempted to hide in a nearby church but was chased away from the sanctuary by parishioners. Police officers were eventually able to catch up to Cooper who said, “I wasn’t driving that car…My dog was driving that car.” Score a point for originality, Mr. Cooper.

Even more bizarre than Cooper’s story is that there wasn’t actually a dog located in the vehicle. Perhaps there was an animal that was able to run to safety, and maybe there was never an animal in the car at all. In either case, one thing is certain: There was no dog in control of the vehicle at any time.

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