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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > In the News > Woman Arrested for Aggravated DUI Claims Her name is “Hell on Wheels”

Woman Arrested for Aggravated DUI Claims Her name is “Hell on Wheels”

There are all kinds of names out there that we may find strange or unusual. For example, a man near Cleveland, Ohio legally changed his name to “Chew Bacca.” We can all probably agree that that is not the most common choice of name, although it is interesting.

Police in Clarksburg, West Virginia recently ran into a woman who claimed to have an unusual name all her own: Hell on Wheels. Here’s what happened.

According to reports, Amanda Alleman, 38, of Clarksburg was arrested Friday on a litany of charges. Among the crimes she will answer to in a court of law are aggravated driving while under the influence, driving without insurance, and striking an unattended vehicle. There’s more. Alleman did not strike a single vehicle, but six. On two different streets.

When police caught up with the woman and administered a breath test, Alleman registered a 0.20 percent blood alcohol content, or more than twice the legal limit. Alleman was placed under arrest and taken to the North Central Regional Jail where she was placed on a $14,000 bond.

Alleman certainly provided an original name, and that name was clearly fictitious. A parent naming their child Hell on Wheels is unheard of, though not impossible. If Alleman’s goal was to fool the police into believing she was someone else, she should have come up with something a bit more realistic.

A court date for Alleman was not reported to media outlets.

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